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  1. Reflections on - The Master

    23 Dec 2019
    End of the decade! In a year filled with spellbinding cinema, people have been taking the opportunity to reflect on the entire decade and rank their films in extensive lists. I thought it’d be a great idea to blindly jump on the bandwagon and participate with no original twist! Instead…

  2. Day #3 - Cannes 2019

    09 Aug 2019
    Pain and Glory  Still reeling from the previous night’s screening of The Lighthouse, I awoke especially early to catch an 8:30am screening of Almodovar’s acclaimed film Pain and Glory. Luckily I managed to squeeze in despite the daunting line. People who are aware of Almodovar’s previous catalogue of cinema will…

  3. Day #2 - Cannes 2019

    21 Jul 2019
    A Hidden Life Many times at the festival I had to remind myself that I was indeed sitting in a French theatre at Cannes, watching a Terrence Malick film on the big screen. Despite the early wake-up time and the scarily long waiting line, the mesmerising quality of his new…

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