i am walking down a road

2021, video + sound installation, 3:56 minutes, 4:3.

A single unmoving shot of a seemingly innocent suburban house. Birds chirp, cars drive by and people walk. Through the commonplace diegetic sounds, we hear a family arguing in the background - muffled and jumping in volume.

Installation created for the UTS Vertigo: Pandemonium exhibition in Ultimo, Sydney.

Artist Statement

My pandemonium hides in plain sight - suburbia. The street I live on is windy, narrow, and there always seems to be people walking by. Whether its noticeable or not, the arguments sometimes echo throughout the cul-de-sac. Nobody really pays attention to what’s being said, but you get a gist of general anguish. A dad shouting, a mum yelling, a kid crying. I wonder, those people that walk by, what they would hear if they stopped outside to listen. Are you being nosy or hearing someone out? These are the ideas I wanted to explore in my video/sound piece - the quiet uproar behind a suburban facade, and the act of being a voyeur; curious to suffering.


  • UTS Vertigo: Pandemonium exhibition 2021
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